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Call for speakers

As you probably know (and if you don’t, check here), after an earthquake that hit Croatia a few weeks ago, Croatian geeks have assembled to try to help the devastated counties in many ways. A large number of us spent many days volunteering for the local Red Cross or have individually traveled to the area. And now we are organising a geek/SF/cosplay/gaming/etc. convention with he aim of collecting funds to help people who got hit the hardest to try and put their lives together.

However, this is not our convention. Every convention by definition “belongs” to all its members and because of this we are inviting all participants, members, guests, passers-by, to join us in creating a rich programme. Would you like to talk about your favourite book, writer, game, film, series, characters? Would you like to take part in a debate? Contact us at contribution(dot)croatia(at)gmail(dot)com or simply fill out the Google form above.